Special Needs

Special education is more than just a tailor-made curriculum specifically created to help children with learning difficulties/disabilities. It is creating a safe, healthy atmosphere where a child will develop trust and realize that they are unconditionally accepted and loved as they are.

When ‘conventional’ methods of discipline and interaction with children were not bringing the success, we the educators at GROWING SEEDS develop key strategies to unfold the uniqueness of each and every child. Acceptance and self-acceptance are embraced. 

Children under the spectrum of ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia etc. are more often overwhelmed, confused and fearful and a teacher who understands this, can reach out and embrace their differences, and find a way to help these children.

Home School

Growing Seeds also caters to parents who desire to homeschool their children. Growing Seeds offers the following:

(a) SELF-PACED Programme
We do not want to restrict our students to a fixed period of time to complete their grades (though students are encouraged to accomplish at least one Grade a year) but to let them move ahead to the next level. Our modular approach and self-paced action based units of instruction will allow students to confidently move from one level to another smoothly. Thus fast learners do not face frustrations and boredom. Giving them this opportunity keeps their interest and fire in learning continuously and make learning interesting and joyful.

In subjects where they have difficulties, we allow these children to spend longer time on the relevant subject to achieve a stronger grounding and understanding of that subject before moving on to the next level.

At Growing Seeds, we do not overpopulate our classes. We maintain a healthy 10-12 student classroom for better functioning. A smaller classroom that allows for greater personal attention and coaching where the teacher gets to interact with the children to form a healthy relationship.


We provide an internally recognised education programme and prepare students to sit for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examination.

Integrative Learning

At GROWING SEEDS, we provide an integrated curriculum where all the activities provide opportunities to learn more about the content. Children develop a deeper understanding, through a range of purposeful activities. Rather than focus on learning in isolated curriculum areas, this programme is based on skill development around a particular theme relevant to the topic.

Children are grouped according to their learning needs, where they are able to use their prior experience to construct learning. It provides an opportunity for children to display competence and not just reliance on written or oral tests.