Therapeutic Service


These Music Programmes – JINGLE BLESS 1 and JINGLE BLESS 2 – are unique and specially designed to TAP INTO, ACTIVATE and STIMULATE the regions of the brain for further brain development. The JINGLE BLESS range of music programs emphasize on “Process is more important than performance” as part of its teaching approach – which enables the child to benefit richly – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially from its activities and lessons.

JINGLE BLESS 1 is best suited for early beginners – ages 5 and up. It includes a full 6-year structured curriculum (6 Progressive Levels) aligned to the American National Core Arts Standards as part of its core lesson. The other half of the lesson comprises of various fun and engaging activities which are inspired by the Dalcroze, Orff and Kodaly methods.

JINGLE BLESS 2 is developed with late music beginners in mind – ages 11 to 17. A typical session begins with a focused 7 to 10-minute rhythm training regime.

The core lesson –

1) Solfege learning and singing
2) Ensemble playing – A hands on learning experience on playing various pitched and non-pitched music instruments such as xylophone, ukulele, resonator bars, maracas, shakers, claves and bongo in an ensemble setting.

Occasionally, bite sized lessons on the following areas are incorporated into the program –
* Basic Musicianship Skills (Note reading, writing, music terms, etc.)
* Music Elements Exploration
* Music Listening & Analysis

We have engaged the professional services of Asher Music Academy under the direction of Ms. Vivien Gabrial to provide these music programmes.

Rhythmic Movement Therapy (RMT)

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) – Educational Kinesiology Foundation USA.

This training is a Reflex Integration programme based on movements coupled with activities that replicate our earliest movement patterns (while in the womb and after birth) to strengthen foundations of posture, central nervous system (CNS), maturity, memory, emotions and behaviour.

RMT helps children in improving attention and controlling impulses. In this class/session of RMT, children move in a fun interactive way that reveals the primitive reflexes (integrated or not). We have engaged the professional services of Ds’ Integration Resources under the direction of Ms. Prema Shanmugam to provide this therapy.


Drawing, like speaking, is a natural form of human communication and is also considered fun and play. At GROWING SEEDS, Art is delivered in a manner that’s free of failure and anxiety around success. It becomes the basic skill platform used, to develop academic subjects.

Children whose visual competences are intact BUT whose auditory processing competencies are compromised, relate to Art and unusual talents emerge. The children have conquered the flat surface of a piece of paper with what we call “pencil power” – understanding the Ten Key Words of Drawing. The teacher’s wonderful, simple and energetic methods provide the gift of visual competence in these children.