Sponsor Us


Growing Seeds, a Special Education and Home School Centre is managed under the covering of GRCC (Global Revival City Church). Though we charge moderate fees, we do things differently and arguably better.

We have a growing number of parents who want to enrol their children here with us but are unable to meet the financial needs. We love to help these parents. As such, we appeal to the public who wish to help and bless these children by extending their donations to Growing Seeds.

At Growing Seeds we need to meet the following monthly expenses:-

  1. Rental
  2. Utility Bills
  3. Teacher’s salaries
  4. Printing, stationery and books
  5. Regular outdoor activities / Children activities and projects to be carried out.

Apart from this we also need a 15-seater van to ferry the children around for outdoor activities. We believe that children’s education should not be limited by the walls of a classroom but rather out of the box so that children can harness their creativity through fun and games. 

Kindly forward all donation to Chadash Education Resources Sdn Bhd (Maybank – 512222628035).