Our Stories

Dr Hari & Sujatha

“We have seen remarkable improvements in our son’s behaviour and academic performance since he joined Growing Seeds. The loving and caring environment at Growing Seeds and the dedicated teachers there allow him to grow and progress at his own pace.”

Elisa Maria’s Parent

“She started Home school in July 2015 at age 10. First thing I noticed was she was so happy and looked forward to want to go to school daily. She made friends. She developed an interest to want to learn and to do her homework. Her ability to read gradually improved. So did her confidence . Slowly she became bold to speak out whatever she felt. I’m so pleased to see her do well and be confident at her first concert performance in November 2015. No glitch ! No shyness at all ! What a big change compared to how she was in her former government school.”

Eunice Anne

“After Aeden’s first six months in Growing Seeds, we noticed a real difference. We are able to see that he is enjoying shool days and this has given him the access into learning more efficiently. He is very happy to go to school every day and he really enjoyed the Play Therapy sessions that was initiated by the school. Growing Seeds has been a fantastic platform for Aeden, and we love the feel of Growing Seeds as it has small class size and close-knit group. With the addition of one-to-one support and exposure he is getting, Aeden is blooming in this nurturing environment. The teachers in Growing Seeds are totally committed and treat each child individually as they provide utmost attention to each students. It is very comforting for us to know that Aeden will be in this safe, loving and dedicated atmosphere on a daily basis. Just believe in them and amazing things can happen at Growing Seeds.”

Mandy Ho

“Having moved from Cheras to Kepong, my husband and I scouted around for a Homeschool Centre for our 8 year old girl Evy. We were given Madam Jenna’s contact by a friend and with great anticipation visited GROWING SEEDS Centre. I recall that day with joy in my heart – we were warmly welcomed by Md. Jenna (Principal) and Mr. Charles (Manager). While Mdm. Jenna did a thorough assessment of Evy, Mr. Charles took us on a tour. My husband and I felt at home in that small cosy 3 classroom environment and were thrilled on hearing that although our daughter was confirmed ADHD, she would be given all the help and guidance needed. We watched the many adjustments Evy had to make over the next six months and watched her slowly bloom and blossom. Through many fun-filled activities like Brain Gym and music movement, Evy developed a strong sense of awareness and responsibility. This year 2017, thanks to Mdm. Jenna and Evy’s 2 loving teachers, Evy has matured in understanding and empathy. Her love for God and her fellow classmates moves me to tears. Evy looks forward to the music RMT, Art and Therapeutic Play Skills sessions, which have helped in her journey of self-discovery. Thanks to GS for teaching her the values of life and thank you for your love and support to us as a family.”

Edward – Joshua’s Dad

“My son was diagnosed with Dyslexia and inattention. After 2 years of Preschool, friends advised me to enrol him in a Homeschool. After months of looking for a Homeschool which catered for special needs, I was given a GROWING SEEDS brochure by the Principal of a Tadika near my home. On visiting the Centre, my family and I met Madam Jenna Sarah and after a lengthy conversation and a brief assessment, we gladly left our son, Joshua in her capable hands. Madam Jenna and her trained teachers assured us that my son would receive the best care. We first started noticing changes in Joshua in the middle of the year. He was more confident and conversed well in English. His reading ability improved and he was conversant with Grade 1 vocabulary. This year 2017, we were amazed at his ability to memorize Scripture. Madam Jenna and her teachers, proudly recorded Joshua reciting 6 scripture verses in the King James language, coherently and confidently. My family is so proud of our 8-year-old boy that we intend to enrol our little 6-year-old Deborah next year. We wish to thank Madam Jenna and the teachers of GS for their dedication and commitment to our son and for giving us hope.”