Jenna Sarah

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Madam Jenna Sarah (Principal of Growing Seeds) commenced her career in education as a Home School Teacher. In the several years of her coaching, tutoring, guiding and nurturing her children, many a time she comes across children with learning difficulties- reading difficulties, focus issues, behaviour issues and a string of other challenges.

She realized that the application of standard methods of teaching did not produce positive results. As such, she decided to “Take the Bull By The Horns” and embark on relevant up-to-date courses, especially in Special Education to keep abreast with new techniques and therapies that help children handle/overcome their difficulties.

Whilst attending College in the evenings and having the advantage of applying all that she had mastered in her Course, with her students, the opportunity was available to impart new ideas and strategies, which saw a marked improvement in the students’ progress.

She embarked into Brain Gym and became an instructor. She received further training in Bal-a-vis-x, from the founder Bil Hubert himself. Therapeutic Play skills followed soon after. Above all her TRUST in GOD and LOVE for children constantly drives her to give her utmost best for these children.