Growing Seeds

How It Started

GROWING SEEDS was borne from a desire to meet the unique needs of children who are misunderstood, fearful, anxious and shy – evolve into a new mould of confident, carefree, fun loving and respected individuals.

Children under the Spectrum of Special Needs are often labelled and ostracised, not because they are ‘different’ but because Intervention did not reach them at an early age. At GROWING SEEDS, we create an atmosphere where children are accepted as individuals in a safe environment that fosters self-discipline, mutual respect, cooperation and academic excellence.

GROWING SEEDS comes under the covering of Global Revival City Church (GRCC) and is wholly owned by Chadash Education Resources Sdn Bhd (1159864V).


  • Touching Lives Raising Leaders
  • Enabling and Empowering children to develop to their maximum potential, having good communication skills, feeling fulfilled


To provide high-quality education programmes, whereby all students are:-

  • Empowered to reach their individual potential
  • Respect and value themselves and others
  • Become life-long learners

Core Values

Every child is seen as a unique creation, with the ability to be nurtured, to be expressive, to receive and respond to love. As we accept the child unconditionally, confidence is built and the process begins

The children learn integrity in a classroom setting and are coached to apply the principle to all aspects of their lives

Respect builds security and believing that every child is important and valuable, supporting and listening to him/her, builds an attitude of respect

Role Modelling
The adults, role model the behaviour they would like to see in the children and teach them to do the same, they take responsibility for their individual values