We cater for children with learning difficulties & children who need Home Schooling.
Specially designed programmes to help children develop critical thinking and build good social skills.
Activities which brings about new beginnings with fun learning to stay motivated.

A Few Words About Our School

Growing Seeds was established in the year 2015, opening its doors to special education, employing a method which encourages creativity, imagination and the joy of learning. We have been in operation for two years and we have seen and witnessed, with great joy, children who confidently played, sang, and verbally interacted with their peers and adults.

The inclusion of movement and play have had an immediate impact on learning, on focus, and on productivity. The children are given full access to their environment and the children become part of the whole classroom structure. 

About Growing Seeds

Our school focuses on

Children with mild to moderate learning difficulties or challenges

Children who are categorized as slow learners and need a self-paced curriculum

Children grouped according to their learning needs and not just reliance on oral and written

Our programmes are therapeutic


Rhythmic Movement Therapy (RMT)


Age Groups

GROWING SEEDS opens its DOORS for children under the Spectrum who have their own unique learning process and not qualify for a regular setting.

7 - 10 years old

Children who have integration issues and are slow in their cognitive ability, mingle and learn in an exploratory atmosphere. The juniors are grouped according to their ability. Discussions are conducted in a group setting. A class of 10 children with 2 teachers, plenty of sensory-motor stimulation activities.

11 - 15 years old

Children who have been weaned of their of their behavioural issues and are more independent will be grouped together. These children are able to keep up with their peers, have normal verbal, reading, writing skills and a higher level of Maths ability.

16 - 18 years old

Children who have prepared for the IGCSE examination, or those who have opted for vocational training. This age group children exhibit a higher level of learning proficiency, body/mind integration and a strong motivation to learn n succeed.


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